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Join the Makevale team

Do you have a PhD in organic chemistry? Makevale is hiring now.

About us

We produce high performance polymers for use in a number of niche areas. We also offer expert advice on high performance polymers and their applications in various fields. 

Our vision is to ensure Makevale materials touch the lives of everyone on Earth. Our polymers are far back in the supply chain and enable a multitude of products to be made throughout the world. Many of our polymers are designed to be used in or on the body safely.

Our research looks at how our own carbon footprint can be lowered and how our polymers can be more easily recycled as well as pushing the envelope of what’s possible with our chemistry.

Our clients range from start-up distributors to large multinationals. Each client benefits from Makevale’s superior products and our team’s technical know-how.

Makevale Group is headquartered near London, UK. We have two manufacturing sites in the UK, one in Asia and distribution centres in the USA and China. Our global reach allows us to export to more than 100 countries all over the world. Our distribution centres also source and supply a range of specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries.

Makevale has won the coveted Queen’s Award for Innovation twice, in 2021 and 2010.

We are driven by a passion for R&D which fuels every aspect of our work. Committed to working in close partnership with our customers, our high-performance polymers allow our clients to improve their own products and processes.

We have a track record of speciality polymers development; our expertise is built over many years in fundamental physics, chemistry and materials science.

How to apply to work at Makevale

We are actively seeking those with a PhD in organic chemistry to join our team. If you’d like to apply, please contact us by emailing secretary@makevale.com