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Makevale powers a local school in Gujarat with new solar infrastructure

Makevale has recently supplied a school in Moksi village, Gujarat, India, with a complete solar infrastructure which will fully power the classrooms, labs and offices within the school. The project is all part of Makevale’s ongoing commitment to supporting the local communities surrounding our Makevale Acrylics base.

The new solar panels will guarantee the school receives a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, something which previously wasn’t always possible, to ensure students are in the best possible learning environment to flourish. The project also included the installation of all-important solar-powered air conditioning units in the school’s computer lab.

As well as improving the learning environment for students, the new solar-powered system will reduce the school’s carbon footprint significantly, as well as providing a more economical power supply. The money saved in powering the school can be put to better use improving the quality of education. The solar panels installed will have a lifespan of around 25 years and will require very little maintenance over this time.

Makevale's commitment to its local communities in Gujarat extends beyond its use of solar power. Other recent initiatives include the donation of a refuse truck to aid the fight to improve sanitation, and a sizable donation to a government initiative which encourages financial security for young girls.