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Makevale supports the Clean India Initiative by donating a refuse truck to local community

Makevale has demonstrated its support for the Clean India Initiative by donating a refuse truck to a small village in Gujarat, India. The investment, which will help to improve sanitation in Moksi village, is a symbol of our commitment to supporting the local communities around our Makevale Acrylics site.

The Clean India Initiative (also known as Swachh Bharat Mission) is a government scheme which launched in 2014 to focus on improving sanitation across India, and has already made huge strides in upgrading the requisite infrastructure nationwide.

The company's investment in the new refuse truck has been welcomed by the local community, who have praised Makevale's commitment to improving the area's infrastructure. By contributing to the effort to improve sanitation and waste management in the area, Makevale is helping to create a cleaner and healthier environment for local residents.

Makevale Acrylics continues to place the utmost attention and importance on giving back to its communities. This is displayed by the large investment the company recently made in solar power infrastructure at a local school, as well as in a government scheme looking to improve the financial security of young girls in India.